Dinah Walker Toups, a Denham Springs native and now a resident of Minnesota, posted this heartbreaking photo from the Flood of 2016:

Facebook/Dinah Walker Toups


One last song.

I love music, and I love people who love music.  We talk about different kinds of love: the love of a parent for a child, a daughter for her mother, a boy for his dog.  There is a special love between a musician and the instrument that allows their heart to flow into the ears of others, and I can't imagine the heartache this young lady is feeling over the loss of what was probably, other than her parents, her first love.

As we rebuild our homes, our family's homes, our neighbors, friends and strangers' homes, the physical will outweigh the emotional for the next few weeks.  When the emotional starts to take over, when the realization of what was lost hits, live will be shaken again.  Please remember to talk to friends, family, your spiritual leaders.  Talk.  Get the words out.  Tell people how you feel.  Express your anger.  Express your sadness.  Express your gratitude.  If you don't want to talk about it, write it down.  Get it out, however you need to because, if you don't, it'll eat you from the inside.

My thoughts are still with those who lost things they love in this flood.

Facebook/Dinah Walker Toups 2

Since this post went public, Dinah reached out to me to let me know that, as I had assumed, the piano is damaged beyond repair.

Piano/Dinah Walker Toups

I hope that the young lady in the picture is able to find her happiness again, and soon.

(Facebook/Dinah Walker Toups)