While we sit inside our comfortable homes and offices our family pet may be scrambling to find a shady place to rest during the heat of the day. Quite often that little bit of shade and a few sips of water from a bowl are the only break many animals that live outside get from the heat. But when you're pet accompanies you on the boat or to a picnic, they might not even get those minor comforts.

The current hot conditions and the fact that cases of heatstroke have been reported the LSU's Veterinary Sciences Department have prompted the school to issue this cautionary warning to animal owners.

It's unfortunately not very uncommon that we see animals that are out for a good time with their owners during hot weather that become victims of heat related illness.

Those are the words of Associated Professor and veterinarian Dr. Kirk Ryan as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Dr. Ryan went on to say that our animal friends can't exactly vocalize when they are getting too hot. It is up to us to notice the signs if and when they do. It is however more practical to simply not put pets in a situation where overheating is possible.

Ryan reminds pet owners to keep their animals in an environment where there is plenty of shade and shelter from direct sunlight. He also suggests and abundance of fresh water for them to drink. It's the water intake that helps their bodies regulate the temperature.