So you want to see the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns play at M. L. "Tigue" Moore Field this season, but you don't have season tickets?

Well, it's doable, but it may take some initiative on your part.

The Cajuns have sold out of season tickets, 3000+ of them.  The ball park seats (officially) 3,755.  A block of tickets is reserved each game for UL students, MLB scouts, families of UL players and staff, families of the visiting team and tickets for fans of the visitors and tickets for those folks who buy the outfield signs at "The Tigue"

That pretty much gobbles up the rest.

But there will be those who have season tickets that don't use them...there won't be the same amount of students at every game, it's possible not all players' tickets will be used (especially in midweek games,) and the visiting team may not use all of theirs.

And, there will be a number of SRO (Standing Room Only) tickets available.

So how do you make sure you're in that number?

1.  Get someone's unused tickets.  Fans who have season tickets can access their account on (if you have season tickets, you have an account on that website) and either donate tickets back to the University for sale or sell them.  To get access to those tickets, go to  Right now it's going to show no tickets available.  But, starting Friday morning at 12:01am, you'll be able to put your phone number on that website and you will be notified when tickets are available.  It would be wise to download the TicketMaster app to your smart phone.  When you get notification, you'll be able to buy those tickets right from your phone.  The tickets will be downloaded and you'll just show your phone at the gate.

2.  If it turns out no tickets are available through TicketMaster even on game day, the Tigue Moore Ticket office will open 90 minutes before the first pitch.  By then they'll have an idea of what unused visitors or players tickets might be available for purchase.  FIrst come, first served.

3.  As gametime draws closer, the ticket office will be able to estimate how many other tickets they might be able to sell.

"It's our goal not to have any fans turned away," ticket manager Matt Casbon said.  There's no guarantee, but UL is going to do everything in their power to make sure fans who want to see the Cajuns can do so.  "And, we'll identify empty seats in the bleachers and even the grandstand and allow those who are standing to sit in those empty seats.  We want as many fans as possible to be comfortable," Casbon said.

But don't just wait until game time to leave your house and expect to buy tickets.

Like we said, a little initiative on your part will be necessary, too.