It's been somewhat of a wild ride already for GOP presidential candidates according to Jeff Birnbaum, a Fox news political analyst, Washington Times columnist and President of BGR Public Relations. Rick Perry stumbled, Hermain Cain's numbers are rising now, and Mitt Romney is holding steady, but what's next?

There have been several debates for Republican presidential candidates already with all of them working hard to try to secure the presidential nomination.  Jeff Birnbaum, Fox News analyst Jeff Birnbaum had plenty to say today on "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" about what is happening in the race this week.

Birnbaum says he focuses on this week because each of the presidential candidates have had moments have more intense popularity, but it is still anyone's game.

Birnbaum cites a Florida straw poll this week that Herman Cain is gaining in popularity moving up to the third slot, but as he points out so much can change between now and November 2012. 

He says the latest Fox News poll released Wednesday shows were candidates stand. The new poll found Cain’s support has nearly tripled among GOP primary voters to 17 percent. That’s up from 6 percent before this month’s debates, and puts him in what is essentially a three-way tie with Perry and Romney. Cain has benefited not only from his debate performances, but also significant media attention after winning the Florida Republican Party’s straw poll on Saturday. Perry now garners 19 percent, a drop of 10 percentage points from a month ago. That puts Romney back in the top spot with the support of 23 percent. Last month Romney was at 22 percent. Newt Gingrich recovered some ground and now stands at 11 percent. Ron Paul receives the backing of 6 percent now compared to 8 percent before the September debates. Bachmann registers 3 percent support, down from 8 percent in late August and a high of 15 percent in July.