As Lafayette and Acadiana are still trying to heal from the horrible shooting at the Grand Theater last Thursday, we are reminded of the goodness of our community. The 2 Jeanerette Senior High School teachers - Allister Martin, and Jena Meaux, who were shot, but still managed to pull the fire alarm in the theater to alert other movie goers, are heroes. Countless others, including a young lady who was here for Live in the Lobby today to see Dakota Bradley, would not be alive if it wasn't for their quick thinking. We are thankful for them, and are praying for their recovery.

People Magazine has featured the two friends, and if you haven't read the article, check it out, and be thankful that we live in a community that not only pulls together during a crisi, but actually does what one can to divert it. Thank you so much, Allister and Jena! God Bless!