Clay Higgins, one of the candidates for Congress, recorded his latest campaign video in my hometown of Abbeville, Louisiana.

I have fond memories of that location, Magdalen Square, having spent numerous days there during fairs and festivals, concerts and get-togethers. It's so beautiful under the oaks, with the majestic Vermilion Parish Courthouse in the background, and St. Mary's church steeple and Vermilion River bridge on the other side.

I wish that the fountain and statue of Pere Megret were a little more in focus, as they are beautiful features of the square.

If you are from Abbeville, you will definitely recognize the background in this video!

Watching this video makes me wonder: how do candidates choose the location for filming? Do they find out where they are lacking in support? Do they choose a location in a district where they have a large group of supporters? Do they look for places that are iconic?

Anyhoot, Abbeville has a historical and picturesque downtown/square area, especially beautiful around Christmas time!

(Facebook/Captain Clay Higgins)