If you haven't already started following CajUUUn Memes, you really should. We've got some really creative people in South Louisiana who just love to create memes and also have some entertaining Photoshop skills. One contributor in particular (and recently promoted to page administrator), Spaine Edler, has created some truly awesome product concepts that only people in Louisiana would truly appreciate. Many of these products could have been inspired by the popular Kids Crawfish Boil Set released late in 2016.

Lil Boil Co.

How many of these products would have been under your tree at Christmas?


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    Kid's Boudin Maker

    If your child loves to help out in the kitchen, then this would be the perfect gift (if it existed) for them. Why let Best Stop, Don's Specialty Meats, Billy's Boudin and all the other players have all the fun? Have the kids make breakfast for you, and don't forget the Evangeline Maid bread!

    Spaine Edler via CajUUUn Memes
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    Cajundome Lego Set

    This would have been a perfect present for the grand reopening of the Cajundome after the renovations. The new basketball floors could be an awesome expansion pack. You could change the layouts for different events just like the Cajundome crew and make your own concert events, sporting events (maybe bring back hockey to the Dome?), recreate the Louisiana Outdoor Expo and Boat Show with the optional Convention Center set, it's up to you and your imagination!

    Spaine Edler via CajUUUn Memes
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    Sonic BouDogs

    From the creators of the Ragin' Cajun burger, we'd love to see a treat for the South Louisiana taste buds. Combine hot boudin and crawfish etouffee and you'll have a delight that one-ups any Coney dog around. Optional mini-Tabasco bottles available for those wanting to kick it up a notch could be available.

    Spaine Edler via CajUUUn Memes
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    Fisher Price Cajun Activity Center

    Let your lil bebe explore the sights, sounds and tastes of South Louisiana with this wonderful playset. Enjoy gnawing on the corn on the cob spinner, you can even add some Tony Chachere's to spice things up. Feel the force of Mother Nature by spinning the Hurricane spinner. Have a race between Mr. Alligator and Mr. Crawfish and see who will win. Your little one can even pretend to call Maw Maw on the old fashioned phone dialer. Hours of fun and it's portable!

    Spaine Edler via CajUUUn Memes
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    Fisher Price Zydeco Band Set

    For the musician in your family, get them started early with this awesome set of instruments perfect for their first zydeco show. From the child-sized washboard to the accordion and fiddle, they'll be a hit at their kindergarten parties and elderly homes. Don't worry, the Bud Light isn't real, and neither is this product.

    Spaine Edler via CajUUUn Memes