With the University of Louisiana at Lafayette celebrating their Homecoming this week, Tootie Landry tells you about the history of homecoming in college football on this edition of "Not Necessarily The News."

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It’s more than just a football game, a parade, and tailgating. Folks! It’s Homecoming Week! Here are a few facts on how it all began. Baylor University is credited for the 1st Homecoming Bonfire dating back to 1909. The NCAA credits the University of Missouri with the 1st big homecoming event. In 1911, Missouri’s Athletic Director invited alumni to “come home” for the Saturday night football game against Kansas. The first gathering drew over 10,000 alumni and fans. The Homecoming Court has its origins from the 1930’s. The court was originally chosen based on the float the person was riding.

However, my favorite Homecoming story is from the University of Ohio in 1926. Maudine Ornsby was one of the most popular girls on the campus. She was nominated for Homecoming Queen by the College of Agriculture. You see, Maudine benefited from all the other candidates getting disqualified. And through some strange election process, she was named Ohio State’s queen that year.

The catch?! Maudine Ornsby… was a cow!

And I’m Tootie Landry and this is “Not Necessarily the News!”

Tootie Landry