Thanks to the ingenious folks over at Google Trends, we have Freightgeist (a clever play on the term 'zeitgeist'), a handy and fun way to assess Halloween costume trends throughout the US. Simply type in the name of your city or town, and if it's trending, you'll find a list of the most - purchased costumes in your area.


Here are the hottest Halloween costumes in some of Louisiana's major cities. The top 10 national searches this year are:

10. Dinosaur
9. Clown
8. Star Wars
7. Batman
6. Witch
5. Wonder Woman
4. Pirate
3. Superhero
2. Joker
1. Harley Quinn



  • 1


    Princess Jasmine is the top trending costume search for Lafayette as of today.

    Disguise via
  • 2

    Baton Rouge

    Harley Quinn tops Google costume searches in the Baton Rouge area, which is also one of the top national searches.

    Wraith of East via
  • 3

    New Orleans

    The Joker's girlfriend, Harley Quinn, also tops searches in the New Orleans area in 2016.


    Princess Paradise via Amazon
  • 4


    This is getting ridiculous! Harley Quinn has unseated Jedi as the most - searched costume in Alexandria as well.



    Secret Wishes via
  • 5

    Lake Charles

    Bucking the national trend that Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Alexandria are following, Lake Charles residents are searching for mermaid costumes more than Harley Quinn.

    ReliBeauty via