A man who snapped on his girlfriend with a knife now finds himself fighting for his life.

Houma Police say 38-year-old Nolan Sims, Jr. was arguing with her when he began stabbing her in the chest--while he was driving. Police say Sims then lost control of the vehicle and crashed it through the front wall of an Advanced Auto Parts store. That’s when the girlfriend was able to escape, full of blood, to a nearby Burger King.

But the boyfriend wasn’t done. Police say Sims ran after her but tripped on a curb and hit his head. He was transported to Chabert Medical Center to be treated for his injures and later transported to a medical facility in New Orleans. He is in critical condition. If he recovers, he’ll be charged with attempted murder.

The girlfriend, who is 35-years-old, is in the hospital as a result of her injuries. Police say in addition to the stab wounds she suffered to her chest, she had cuts on her legs, bite marks on her arms and wounds to both hands.

Police continue to investigate.