Terrebone Parish deputies were summoned to a car wash in Houma yesterday afternoon after they received reports of a young child walking around the parking lot unattended. When officers arrived on the scene they discovered a two-year-old boy was just wandering around the parking lot with no parent or guardian in site.

Employees at the car wash reported that the child had been left a vehicle that was parked in the parking lot. The engine of the vehicle was running and there was no driver present. Eventually 33-year-old Summer Lynn Boudloche arrived at the scene and it was determined that she was the young boy's mother.

Officers question Boudloche who reportedly was acting in a less than cognizant manner. Officers reported she spoke with slurred speech and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. She told investigators that she had left the child in the car alone for just a few minutes while she went inside to use the restroom.

Officers, acting in the best interest of the child, arrested Buoudloche on charges of child desertion.