The Acadia Parish Police Jury along with their Emergency Planning Committee will host a Household Hazardous Waste Day on Saturday, October 4.

The event will be held at the Rice Arena in Crowley at 159 Cherokee Drive.

Officials say you must have a picture I.D. showing your Acadia Parish address in order to be able to drop off items for recycling.

At the event government officials will accept:

  • Automotive products including used oil, oil filters, antifreeze, fuel, car batteries, tires without rims.
  • Paint products including paint thinners and solvents, spray cans, brushes, cleaners, paint, paint strippers, lacquers, wood sealers, and turpentine.
  • Gardening products including pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers, sprayers and spreaders.
  • Cleaning products including drain cleaners, degreasers, oven cleaners, bleach, ammonia, cleaning solvents, spot removers, liquid and powder cleaner concentrates.
  • Pool products including chemicals, acids, chlorine.
  • Glues and solvents
  • Thermometers and mercury items
  • Fluorescent bulbs and compact bulbs

In addition to the many things that will be accepted at the Acadia Parish Household Waste Day, there are many things that will not be accepted that day.  They include:

  • Radioactive waste including smoke detectors
  • PCB oil or light ballasts
  • Dioxin Containing Wast
  • Explosives including gun powder and blasting caps
  • DEA listed prescription drugs
  • Bio-hazardous medical waste
  • Municipal garbage

For any other questions about what they will or will not accept, you can call Robert at the Acadia Parish Landfill.