I asked that question recently, and the internet led me to a set of instructions.

Shannon bought me an AvoSeedo, which is a avocado seed holder that allows for the stem and the roots to sprout while suspended in water. Or, you can do like my mother did and just use 3 toothpicks to suspend the avocado seed in a jar or glass filled with water.


Put the suspended seed on a windowsill where it can get good light, and change the water each week.  After a few weeks, you'll see the seed split open, and the stem will start to grow out of the top, roots from the bottom!

When the stem gets to be 6 inches long, cut it back to 3 inches.  Do this again when the stem reaches 12 inches (cut it back to 6). Once leaves grow again, then it's time to put the plant into a planter (or plant it in the yard).

Here's where the difficult part comes in: an avocado tree requires the perfect amount of sun/water, and you must make certain that your soil has the proper pH and nutrients, etc.  Also, it can take 5-13 years before the tree will produce fruit so, there's that.

Here's where I am with mine.  I'll update this story in 13 years.

Wish me luck!

Avocado Seed (Photo by John Falcon)



(California Acocado, Amazon)