In this business we run across many stories that make you go "what" but this one takes the low life cake.  The "Miami Herald" reports that police in Lauderhill, Florida raided the Red Carpet Kutz barber shop and arrested the owner, Brandon Bivins.  The charges include felony bookmaking and operating a gambling house.  Bivins allegedly was using the shop as a front for his illegal bookmaking operation...the one that was taking bets on Pee-Wee football games!  The 18 month long undercover operation called "Operation Dirty Play" discovered the establishment took bets on Major League Baseball games and NFL games but it's focus was betting on Pee-wee football games.  In addition to Bivins a number of Pee-Wee football coaches and team officials were also arrested.

How low must you go to gamble if you take bets on games that feature players less than four feet tall?  If somebody is betting on something you know it won't be long before we'll have allegations of "throwing a game", bounty gate (a la the Saints) or some other scandal.  Imagine some dad into the mob for gambling on Pee-Wee football putting undue pressure on his pint-size player to perform better.  Dad promises son new iPhone for more passing yardage, Dad promises better snacks for more sacks, Dad get the picture.  This betting on the games is ugly and it could get even uglier.

I hope they slap Brandon D. Bivins with plenty of jail time and a hefty fine.  His coach and team official cohorts should be given even more time.  It's supposed to be about sportsmanship you clowns!  Makes you wonder if they were inadequate as players in their time?