Students in Lafayette Parish start going back to school on Monday. With that in mind, we decided to put together a rough list of items that parents have to buy for children going back to school.

We decided to use the list of a local Pre-K teacher as a basis for what parents are paying for their children to go back to school. Obviously, the list changes as the grade does, but we figured we would start at the beginning.

List of School Supplies (priced from or & Uniforms (

Color Box - $1.69

Colors (Set of 200) - $33.99

Sleep Mat - $20.99

Box of Pencils - $3.99

Folders - $.79 per folder

Kleenex - $4.19/box (average)

Paper Towels - $3.39/roll

Washable Finger Paint - $28.90

Glue - $.59/bottle

Play-Doh ( - $4.99

Scissors - $1.39

Hand Sanitizer - $9.99 (40 oz. bottle)

Wet Wipes - $5.99 (64 wipes)

Books for Class - About $275

Shirt - $5.50 (starting price)

Pants - $10.00 (starting price)

This doesn't count the cost of book(s) that a certain class. Please feel free to mention any items that have not been included (with the cost).