Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

It's all become a sometimes integral part of our lives, but just how much is too much when posting to these social media sites?

A Lafayette man last week apparently learned the hard way after he was robbed and shot in the back shortly after posting an image of himself with a large amount of cash. It's not known if the picture and the actual robbery were connected, but state police Troop I spokesperson Stephen Hammons said some common sense should be exercised when posting to these sites.

"Stay protected when you're on the Internet," Hammons said. "[Make] sure you don't tell people when you're going on vacation...All you're doing is letting somebody know that you're not at home and now is the optimal time to come in and possibly commit a crime."

In addition, Hammons said, even once a post or picture is deleted, "it always remains there. It may not be visible to you, but it always remains in some type of database that you no longer have control over."

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