If you wonder why some children can't accept responsibility this is a perfect example.

Six year old Brooke Loeffler of Universal City, Texas was recently placed in lunchroom detention for being tardy for the third time.  Her parents readily admit the child was late for school but the fault was theirs, therefore they say the child is being punished for their mistake.  At this point I hear that slap to the forehead you see and hear in the V-8 commercials.  The parents however don't need a V-8.  They need the whack on the forehead!  How do these people think their child will learn responsibility if they have no clue what it is?

Mom. Dad.  Whatever the reason for your child being late to school three times fix it!  It may seem unfair to punish the child but will the parents learn any other way?  Maybe they ought to put the parents in lunchroom detention sitting in those tiny desks for a couple of hours followed by writing the line, "I will not make my child tardy for school again" 500 times on the blackboard...if they still have those in school.  Maybe we could get those parents to wear one of those signs around their necks while standing on a street corner for a morning...make the sign say something like, "My child was punished due to my tardiness".

These parents obviously never learned responsibility for their actions and it makes you wonder if they ever make it to work on time.  Shouldn't child services be called in for child endangerment?  Parents setting a bad example that will have lifelong consequences?

Since the tardiness policy was implemented Steve Linscomb of the Judson Independent School District says the policy has worked very well.  He says since the policy went into effect tardiness has been reduced by 90%.  Poor six year old Brooke.  Her parents must be the 10% of the bad apple gang.