Can the New Orleans Saints still make the playoffs?

The answer is yes!

Now, their chances aren't very good, but yes, they still have an outside shot of making the playoffs.

The Saints improved to 6-8 on the season on Sunday, knocking off the Arizona Cardinals, 48-41.

For a third-consecutive season, the Saints are guaranteed to have a non-winning record.

So, what would have to happen for the Saints to make the playoffs?

Well, with the Falcons winning on Sunday, the Saints have no chance to win the NFC South, so their only hope would be to sneak into the playoffs as the #6-seed.

Obviously the Saints would have to win their remaining two games, against the Buccaneers and the Falcons, to have any kind of a chance.

That would give them an 8-8 record.

Holding tiebreakers over the Packers, Vikings, Panthers and Buccaneers, the Saints would go in over those teams, if they all finish with identical 8-8 marks.

For that to happen, however, the Vikings to beat the Packers this week, and then both would need to lose in the final week, with the Vikings hosting the Bears and the Packers visiting the Lions.

Now wait; there's more.

The Saints also would need the Buccaneers and Redskins to lose out , with the Bucs visiting the Saints and then hosting the Panthers, while the Redskins are at the Bears and then at home against the Giants, after hosting the Panthers tonight.

So, a slim chance, but a chance!