Acadiana Wreckin' Rams, Ian Auzenne

As we earlier reported, member principals of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association voted down a proposal that would have allowed public and private schools back together for the high school football playoffs.

The following numbers were obtained from

Class 5A

Vote: 33-24 to remain split.

Class 4A

Vote: 25-16 to remain split.

Class 3A

Vote: 36-12 to remain split.

Class 2A

Vote: 34-7 to remain split

Class 1A

Vote: 24-8 to remain split.

As you can see, the lower classifications are more heavily for the split than the higher classifications. Those who are for the split, like Many football coach Jess Curtis, say the split playoffs allow small schools like his to compete for championships with other schools, while those who are against the split, like John Curtis football coach J.T. Curtis, believe this could possibly lead to splitting the playoffs in each sport (which, for the record, a vote on that did not come up) and that's ashame.

Meanwhile, the principals did approve a motion that allows schools like John Curtis to play up in classification. But that won't take effect until the 2015-16 school year.