Tiffiany is on a mission - to save money on groceries and dining out. Otherwise known as 'Ballin on a budget.'

In this edition of the "Lafayette Food Junkie Show," host Tiffiany Decou discussed some ways she's been saving money on groceries and some deals local restaurants have around the area, as well as different budget friendly recipes she's been making at home.

In the coming weeks she will be testing out various smart phone apps that are supposed to save money on groceries.

Also, Mika Hebert was her guest co-host. She is a sommelier-in-training at Marcello's Wine Market Cafe. They discussed the rising number of sommeliers in Lafayette and how very few of them are women, still. Mika also told us how long she thinks you can keep an open bottle of wine, ways to make a cheap bottle taste better and what drink she likes to make with old wine.