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“The Lafayette Food Junkie Show,” which airs from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. on Sunday nights here on Newstalk 96.5 FM KPEL, gives Lafayette and the Acadiana area its own show dedicated to the food we all love to enjoy and talk about!

On Sunday’s show, Tiffiany Decou, “The Lafayette Food Junkie,” and Chef Zach Doise with “LaStreat” food truck spent much of the show talking about upcoming Valentine's Day.
Here are Tiffiany's Top 5 Places To Spend Valentine's Day In Lafayette:
  • Village Cafe
  • Cafe Vermilionville
  • Charley G's
  • Social Southern Table & Bar
  • Pamplona's

Chef Zach gave his tips on how to have the Best Valentine's Day Date At Home, specifically when it comes to making food:

  • Expensive "Steak Dinner"
  • Cook his/her favorite meal
  • Classic Italian Dinner - Don't cheat! No canned spaghetti; put effort into a nice lasagna with the "good" cheese.
  • Fancy Seafood - Nice salmon filets, nice fresh jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon. Simple and fresh food. Don't go with lobster because it's overplayed.
  • Go Outside Your Comfort Zone! Make an effort to pull off your significant other's favorite dish!
  • Homeade Dessert - Use the process as a fun little end to the evening.

Chef Zach says, of course, you can either pamper him/her by cooking the meal yourself OR you can cook together. He says if you cook together, get everything together and organized so you can just simply add ingredients (Ex: Have everything cut and measured so the focus of the evening can be each other and the cooking is effortless.)

Listen below to the show for much more of their insights: