You know you've done it. Tried to take the perfect selfie. Failed. Tried it again. Failed again. Tried a different angle. BINGO! SUCCESS! This happens every 2 seconds across the world every day and every night. We all want to look good, especially on social media. I'll admit, one of the reasons I love Instagram so much is because I can filter my photos to look better. Yep.

Our friends at have some great tips on how you can take the perfect selfie! And in case you don't know what that is, it's the flip button on your phone camera that allows you to actually look at what you want to take a picture of before you take it. Here are there tips for taking the perfect selfie, and thank you!


Know Your Good Side, and Your Bad Side

Use Good Light

Filter Your Photo

Don't Try So Hard to Look Cool

Staging is Everything

Do Something Fabulous

Don't Over Do It - everything in moderation, folks