With Isaac bearing down on the state, Louisiana is getting prepared to batten down the hatches.  But how will Isaac impact the state and the area?  Meteorologist Sandy Delgado from the National Hurricane Center said that the storm looks to be a Category 2 hurricane when it comes inland in the next couple of days.  Delgado said,

At least 36 to 48 hours, the area will be affected by at least rainfall.

In terms of damage, Delgado said that things would be relatively minor if things stay as they are predicted to.

In terms of how this will affect Acadiana, we turned to KATC TV-3 Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo.  He suggested that preparations should be similar to what happened when Gustav came through.  In terms of how weather conditions will hit, Perillo said that winds will come in at around 30-55mile per hour winds that get started tomorrow night.  There might be some gusts up to 70 miles per hour.  All of that depends on things not changing dramatically from the current forecast.

Perillo talked about where we are in the storm and he made mention of being on the left side of this particular tropical system.  He said,

I like our position much more so than I would, say if I lived in New Orleans.  They're going to have hurricane force conditions and perhaps similar wind conditions to Katrina.

Perillo mentioned that things are still up in the air and things are very unstable with this storm.

You can hear the complete conversation with National Hurricane Center Meteorologist Sandy Delgado below:

You can hear the complete conversation with KATC TV-3 Chief Meteorologist Rob Perilllo below: