Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has struck again.  This time calling for an outpouring of support for Hobby Lobby.  This is in the wake of the announcement by the chain that they will not offer the "day after" pill to employees as called for in Obamacare.

Huckabee said, in a statement on his website,

Hobby Lobby is a respected and very successful business that is privately owned by a family who have sought to honor God in their personal lives and in their business. Their generosity to missions, to the relief of poverty around the world, to Christian education, and to their employees is legendary and exemplifies the kind of business principle that should be applauded and appreciated.

The statement goes further, talking about what he is asking people to do, including sign in at a website that stands with the chain.  It can be found at  The day to do this is Saturday, January 5th.

What do you think?  Will you support Hobby Lobby as they stand against the dictates of Obamacare, which could cost them $1.3 million per day?  Let us know by voting in our poll below.