Every time a coach in the lower half of the country gets fired, Ragin' Cajun Head Football Coach Mark Hudspeth should expect to be on the list of possible replacements.

When you're sporting a 28-13 recent record and wearing bowl rings from three consecutive years, everybody wants a piece of the action. Even members of the media are guilty of a little Hud envy.

When Bruce Feldman started putting together his list of names to replace SMU's recent departure, June Jones, of course he threw Coach Hudspeth's name on the list. Nobody is saying the Ragin' Cajuns are losing a coach, but Feldman thought he fit the coaching pedigree.

Hudspeth was mentioned alongside names like Houston Nutt, Butch Davis, Larry Coker and a couple other trending coaches on the brink of making the next step. When it came time to bring up the upstart coaches, Hudspeth's name was the first one rattled off.

Ragin' Cajun fans could take this as an opportunity to panic, but they should see it for what it truly is: flattery. Feldman wasn't reporting any communication between SMU or Hudspeth or insinuating that Hudspeth was preparing to pack up and leave. Anyone with a 94-34 career record with three straight bowl wins should be brought up when making a list of hot coaches. It's just logical.

If the success continues to pour in under Hudspeth's control, the Ragin' Cajuns might eventually have to start taking his placard off the office door. Until Hudspeth comes out and says he wants to leave, we can safely report he's not going anywhere.