A horrifying display of animal abuse is breaking hearts across the state. A small dog was brutally beaten and thrown into a fire in New Orleans’ City Park. That’s according to Jeff Dorson, Executive Director of the Louisiana Humane Society, who says this is one of the most tragic cases of abuse he’s ever seen. He says the dog was beaten around the head, the muzzle and the jaw.

“The jaw was split. It was broken. It had previously been broken and healed, so it tells us a horrible story that this dog had probably been subject to a number of beatings, and then finally tossed into the pit,” Dorson said.

The unnamed dog is being affectionately referred to as the City Park Dog. Dorson says they are still trying to find the people responsible for this gruesome crime, because they are clearly dangerous.

“People who commit heinous crimes against animals usually will do the same against people. It’s just a matter of time,” Dorson said.

Dorson says the Humane Society is asking people to be vigilant for signs of animal abuse. He says the society has issued the first ever city-wide animal abuse alert in the hopes of bringing those responsible to justice. Until then, he’s asking the public to keep the memory of the City Park Dog in their hearts.

“Go out of their way to do something extra nice for animals in memory of this wonderful dog that suffered so much during its short life,” Dorson said.