I wonder if the Obama Machine is using the question of Mitt Romney's income tax as a smoke screen to fill while they look for more skeletons in Romney's closet.  I really believe the IRS would have contacted Mitt Romney about back-taxes if he had underpaid his income taxes or not paid any taxes for 10 years as claimed by Harry Reid.

I personally do not care if Mitt Romney paid 13 percent or 75 percent in any year.  The only thing that concerns me is that I pay the full amount I owe and not a penny more or less.  As Americans we are required to pay income taxes as dictated by the US Tax Code but we are not required to pay more.  We as Americans also have a right to any and all legal deductions so I trust my tax preparer to find and use everyone I am allowed.  I would assume that Mitt Romney has higher priced talent in the tax preparer department than I do so I'm sure they filed for all the legal deductions.  I would not vote for a man who did not research how much he owed and just handed over some arbitrary amount.  We have enough fiscal irresponsibility in office now!

All of a sudden President Obama and the Democratic Party are concerned about what Mitt Romney paid but they thought it acceptable that Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner did not pay taxes over the course of at least four years.  Geithner had to pay back-taxes before he could be approved by the US Senate but Romney has no such issue otherwise the IRS would have taken action by now.

As I previously stated, I am more concerned with taxes I have to pay than Mitt Romney's returns.  I am more concerned that this country is sinking into a hole that our descendants will never be able to dig out of.  I am more concerned that one day Chinese will be the national language of America because of the irresponsible spending of this administration.