I've often commented how fortunate we are to have so many festivals in South Louisiana but I feel doubly blessed now.  Today I read a report from Wisconsin that horrified me!  People in Wisconsin are so bored that they have an annual Cow-Chip Throwing Contest in Prairie du Sac and this year's festivities are being threatened by drought.

It seems these poor folks are so bored that they actually have a contest to see who can toss a pile of cow manure the furthest.  The problem this year has been caused by the drought affecting the mid-West.  These cow-chips are manufactured and deposited on the grasslands of Wisconsin by various bovine mobile manufacturing plants.  Once the cow-chips are sufficiently dried and flattened by resting in the hot Wisconsin July sun they are harvested for use in the event.  Due to the drought it seems the chips have not aged properly and are too brittle to use.  Not to fret, it seems the resourceful Wisconsin inhabitants have backup!  Who knew?  They apparently keep leftovers from the previous year just for this catastrophe of nature.

Can you imagine being so bored that you wait for your bovine processor to manufacture a suitable projectile, you watch it dry to the right consistency in the hot July summer sun and once the product is sufficiently ripe, you harvest and try to out-throw your neighbor?  I really know that I am eternally grateful to live in South Louisiana with our plethora of fall...and summer festivals!  Soon Festivals de Cajun and Creoles will be here and we can eat and dance the night away without having to watch cow-chips 'a drying in da sun'.

I'm so glad to be a South Louisiana Cajun boy where all festivals are tasty.