Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal says two parish residents were arrested on various drugs charges after a single car crash at the intersection of Main and Lewis Streets in New Iberia.

Ackal says the narcotics agents believed the suspect had illegal narcotics in his car.  Iberia deputies tried to conduct a traffic stop, but 33-year-old Chris Pellerin drove away at a high rate of speed with deputies following right behind him.  They say he threw something out of the car which later turned out to be illegal narcotics.

Eventually, deputies say Pellerin crashed his car at the intersection of Main and Lewis Streets, and then he was taken into custody.

Narcotics agents got two search warrants for a home at 7901 Jackie Street and 1406 Blue Lane were they say they found the following:

  • 3/4 gallon of promethezine
  • 913 grams of high grade marijuana
  • 47 grams of crystal meth
  • 11 grams of cocaine
  • 78 doses of ecstasy
  • 49 oxycontin pills
  • 15 xanax pills
  • 29 hydrocodone pills
  • 3 soma pills

Narcotics agents say the street value of all these drugs is over $60,000.

  • Pellerin was charged with:
  • Aggravated flight from an officer
  • Resisting arrest
  • Possession with intent to distribute schedule I, II, III and IV narcotics
  • Second subsequent offense charges

During their investigation agents say they also arrested 27-year-old Brandi Romero on charges of illegal possession of schedule I narcotics and possession with intent to distribute schedule III narcotics.

Both Pellerin and Romero were booked into the Iberia Parish Jail.