The Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal says he wants every boater in his parish to be reminded about the importance of safety while they are on local water ways.

The sheriff says his Search and Rescue Unit responded to over 120 calls from 2011 to 2012 that dealt with boating emergencies.

He says the department wants boaters to put safety first, and he wants them to make sure they are prepared for any type of emergency that may come up while they are out on the water.

He says they only respond to emergency calls were human life is in danger, and therefore, he says boaters need to make preparations before heading out by filling out a United States Coast Guard float plan to be left with an emergency contact.

The Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office does not consider running out of fuel an emergency so boaters should be aware of their fuel consumption while on the water.

Sheriff Louis Ackal wants to reassure the public the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue Unit will be there in an emergency on the many water ways of Iberia Parish.  Also, to remind boaters to be responsible and safe while boating in Iberia Parish.