Democrat Jene Nora was appointed to the District 9 seat of the Iberia Parish School Board in early 2012, to serve out a former school board official's term.

Nora is now running for reelection, and he has a Republican challenger - Dana Dugas.

Jene Nora

When we asked him "What's the issue that means the most to you pertaining to your district?," he responded by saying there were no major issues to address immediately. He cited that they were getting a brand new elementary school, but went on to say that there was a growth problem with the high schools in facilitating the students. He says in addition to the students outgrowing the high schools, there are athletic facilities that need updating.

When we asked Nora "Why should you be reelected over your challenger? What sets you apart?," he says you should vote for him because of his vested interest in his seven grandchildren that are in the system.

Dana Dugas

When we asked him "What's the issue that means the most to you pertaining to your district?," he said one word: teachers.

We have some good teachers. The teachers are scared of the evaluations that are being put on them. If the students score well this year (and) there's a drop, the new system wants to blame the teachers.

Dugas went on to cite a situation at Loreauville High School as an example. He said 7-10 students are expected to graduate with a 4.0 gpa. Next year, if three or four students graduate with a 4.0 gpa, he asked "Is it the teachers fault that they had an exceptionally smart class this senior year? We can't just rely on test scores to evaluate these teachers."

Dugas also went on to talk about the lunch programs at schools and that, according to him, aren't feeding students enough food. He then mentioned that he'll fight for schools in his district that have industrial programs to have the curriculums they need.

When we asked Dugas "Why should voters choose you over the appointee? What sets you apart?," he had nothing negative to say about Nora, saying "there's nothing i can say bad about Jene. He's a nice guy."

Only thing that separates me is I'm willing to fight to get things done.

He went on to cite his experience on the State License Board of Contractors, Chairman of Planning and Zoning in Iberia Parish and as President of the Teche Homebuilders as examples of his ability to fight for his constituants.