There is a new service out for Facebook users who die.  It may make you sad, you may think it's weird, or that some people have nothing better to do, but at least it is practical.

The new application called, "If I Die" basically allows you, as a participant on Facebook, to designate trustees who would essentially take over your account if you die.  Now I know it may sound really weird, but it's not, it's really another extension of something that is only natural.  I know, you just growned, but think about it, death is a natural part of life, and while many people fear it, hate the thought of it, or just can't handle's going to happen to all of us at some point.

With this new application you will now be able to appoint your trustees, and they will be able to, through Facebook, let others out there who care about you, know that you have passed on.  You can leave messages, through your trustees, about anything you want placed on your site after you have gone.  You want to send message of love, hate, or just try to pass on some wisdom you will now be able to do it. 

This new application was created by an Israeli company, and it requires you to give the name of three of their Facebook friends as "trustees" so that they can be the official people who let the world know what has happened to you. 

I know many people will hate this idea, but I like it.  I don't like to think about it, but if this application gives me another way to tell the people I love how much I truly loved them after I am gone, then I will take it.  I wish my mom had known about this before she died last year.  I still log onto her page just to see our pictures, and it makes me feel good.  It may be a little thing, but I love to see how much we all loved her.