Figures released last week indicate that the nation's employment rate is now at 7.8% so we should be rejoicing I guess.  Not really when you consider how many people have quit actively looking for work and how many people have had to settle for part-time employment to at least make ends meet.

I personally think the Administration has massaged the numbers to show a less than 8% rate knowing that no president has won re-election when unemployment has passed that point.  Painting a rosy picture may sway a few votes Obama's way but I have to question that 7.8% figure when matched up with numbers from the U.S. Agriculture Department indicating close to 47 million Americans received food stamps in July.  That number is close to three per cent more than the same period last year.  How can that be?  More people working but more people are getting free food...I just don't think those things mesh.  Administration officials say the recession caused more people to ask for assistance and this was to be expected.  I can understand the need to ask for assistance was anticipated but why should we believe that more people are working?  Seems to me if someone is working they should be able to buy their own food.

Food stamp costs the American taxpayer $6.2 billion in July, so with more people working can't we cut some of that expense?

I'm not advocating that we just slash all food stamps but with all the fraud that has been documented I think we should investigate getting some people off the rolls...especially those that have been re-employed.  We've all heard stories of unlawful purchases with food stamps and foods stamps being traded for money, sex and drugs so can't we deter these crimes and use the money to help those that are really in need?