Word has come down that the President is going to seek out some of his priorities quickly in the aftermath of the election and the fiscal cliff deal.  The White House told the Huffington Post that legislation will be coming on immigration and gun control.

This nation is facing spending problems and the President seems to think that people want gun control and immigration reform.  That's kind of like seeking out healthcare reform in the midst of an economic downturn with the need for jobs and a renewed economy.  Of course, that hasn't happened before.  That would be unprecedented.

All of this comes off as being tone deaf all the way around.  People are still struggling with the economy.  We have a jobless rate that is more than what this President promised it would be at this point.  People that are working are making less money and doing more work.  These are times that we need to be looking for ways to encourage the creation of jobs and the path to a renewed economy.  According to President Obama, that means gun control and immigration reform.

In my mind, that is the same as handing a set of bagpipes to someone that needs a sandwich.  The two ideas don't go together.  How is it that we need immigration reform and gun control more than jobs and a brighter future?

I will not argue that these are things that need to be looked at, but we need to make first things first.  Given the history of what this administration has been willing or unwilling to do in the past, I think we are in for exactly what we don't need.