I am sure quite a few of you have an opinion on this subject after sitting in traffic for hours trying to make your way into Tiger Stadium for Bayou Country Superfest over the weekend. I personally plan my trips around avoiding Baton Rouge at peak times because it's such a total mess. You and I are not the only ones with strong thoughts on travel through our state's capital city. The Department of Transportation and Development wants your thoughts on how to improve the situation.

According to Rodney Mallett a spokesman for the DOTD there is a lot of traffic that passes into and through Baton Rouge everyday. That is why he and the DOTD hope a lot more people will offer their thoughts on how to improve traffic flow.

There's about 100,000 who go over the Mississippi River bridge on a daily basis, so we're still hoping to get more input

Earlier this year the DOTD set up a survey site where motorists could offer their opinion on the current status of I-10 and how it might be improved. So far a little more than 6,000 people have taken the time to offer their input. With the roadway as heavily traveled as I-10 there should certainly be more opinions than that.

LSU's doing a scientific survey with a phone poll, we're also talking to some area businesses and home owners associations.  So we really want to get community-wide input.

The DOTD hopes that by getting public input and ideas they can arrive at a workable solution that will benefit the travelers who actually use the roadway. The results of the online survey and the LSU survey will be released in August. From there the DOTD will study the findings and see what workable solutions for better traffic flow in and around the Baton Rouge area might be.