After hearing of yesterday's bombing in Boston I was in shock like many people but I never had to question whether it was an act of terrorism.  I have to applaud the President for addressing the issue in a timely manner but he did choose his words a little too carefully for my taste.

The President in his address called the Boston bombing 'a tragic event' but never said the word terrorism.  But I can understand his cautious choice of words because everything he says is dissected by the not-so mainstream media including me.

After some passage of time the word 'terrorism' was used by those in the administration so let's move on to the topic of homeland security.  Almost immediately after the bombing many people began to wonder why Homeland Security did not do a better job but I think they have done an outstanding job.  Let's face it with the number of enemies America has across the globe it really is an accomplishment that we have not seen more terrorism attacks.  We have people in foreign lands and many on American soil that hate this country for whatever reason.  It truly amazes me that we have not had more attacks since 9/11.

Sure TSA searches at airports are a pain in more ways than one and they really haven't trapped any terrorists but maybe the fact that a terrorist would have to walk that gauntlet at the airport has prevented numerous deaths.  The only 'person of interest' at the time of this writing is a Saudi national who entered our country on a student visa...sounds a lot like 9/11 doesn't it?

Homeland Security may not be batting a thousand but I bet our record would be lot worse without Homeland Security.