It's bad enough when people illegally park in handicapped parking slots but blocking the entrance to a store while another person runs in "for just a minute" while you wait and chat on your cell phone is not right!

Some people are so rude, selfish and inconsiderate they make my blood boil.  Saturday morning I dashed into Office Depot on Pinhook to pick up an ink cartridge.  As I'm walking from my car a luxury car pulls up in front of the door ( where the terrorist blocking pipes are planted in concrete ) and a man jumps out while two women stay in the car with the motor running.  If the man was just handing something to somebody at the entrance that would have been one thing. But NO!!

Only one cashier, two people in front and three behind me at checkout...neither of these people is the man from the illegally rude parked vehicle.  I finally get out and the women in the car are both chatting on cell phones so I told them "rude" and walked off to my car.  As I'm driving off the man finally comes out and they drive off.

It wasn't like the lot was full.  It wasn't raining.  The man was not handicapped and obviously they were not in a rush.  So why be so rude as to block the entrance so everyone coming in has to go an extra 20 feet out of their way to get around your big expensive four door sedan?

Lazy, rude, ill-mannered, inconsiderate people really tick me off!!!!   Park your car where it belongs and get your lazy self in motion.  You don't always have to be in designer spandex at the health club to get exercise!!