Today's edition of Lafayette Live with City Parish President Joey Durel had Mr. Durel commenting on the decision not to look into a possible roundabout near Bendel Gardens.  Then Durel was joined by Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft.

Craft spoke on "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" about the latest statistics with crime in Lafayette.  He says they have seen several cases lately of an individual walking up to someone with a cell phone and running off.  Craft says there have been many of these types of crimes lately.

Craft also spoke to Bernie and Ken about flash mobs, and whether or not there has been a problem with violent or criminal groups using the "mobs" for trouble.  Then Craft gave his department's handling of citizens filming police.

One final topic Chief Craft talked about this morning was the efforts they have made in tracking down several young offenders who have been painting graffiti across the city.  Craft says they are working to stay on top of all crime issues in the city: