(photo by KPEL)

Dave Thomas, Deputy Director of MEPOL ( Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana ) joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today to discuss the upcoming Innovation Jumpstart being held at UL on Wednesday, April 25th.  At Innovation Jumpstart Thomas said "attendees will  be taught how to create ideas for innovations, how to communicate the ideas and how to commercialize those ideas  and learn whether they will be successful".

Thomas said Innovation Jumpstart is a free event that mirrors curricula at several universities that teach students how to innovate.   According to Thomas "English majors who take the course get a 30% higher salary offer".

The tools that will be taught at Innovation Jumpstart are the same tools that are used by multi-national companies like Nike, Disney and Proctor & Gamble but on a smaller scale.  According to Thomas one of the most important ideas presented will be  "Fail fast, fail cheap".  With this principle attendees will learn how to determine market viability before large investments are made.

Listen to the interview with Dave Thomas: