We're not even at the end of the year yet, but the 'Best Of'' polls and stories are already popping up all over the internet...and I kinda like that! Instagram has really stepped it up a notch this year, and it's more and more fun to use. I mean, what's not to love about being able to change your photos to make yourself look better?

Our friends at CNN have compiled the most liked photos on Instagram for 2015, and it's no shocker that one of the Kardashian clan is at the top of the list....Kendall Jenner, come on down! So far, the above photo of her has gotten over 3 million likes, and counting. Coming in a close second is Taylor Swift, showing off flowers sent by Kanye West, and third is also Taylor, riding piggyback at the beach on her DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Check out the most liked photos for the year, and feel free to tell us what your favorites have been for the year!