I'm thinking this is a fine line between taking advantage of technology or just taking advantage of the next generation.  I ran across this article describing interactive pajamas for children and thought what could that be?

The ad reads,

Smart PJs are the worlds first and only interactive pajamas. The idea is amazingly simple. You can scan a code on the pajamas to start an automatic children’s storybook on your mobile device.

Amazingly simple the ad says.  Here's the set-up.  The pj's have fifty colored dots on them which you scan with your smart phone or pad device and the app then "reads" a bedtime story of your choice.  Yes it is an amazing use of technology and I'm sure a time saving thing for the busy parent but what about the lack of interaction between parent and child?

One of the fondest memories of my childhood was my parents reading bedtime stories to me.  As an adult I fondly remember back approximately 40 years ago reading bedtimes stories to my daughter and loving the time I spent with her.  Discussing her childhood my daughter agrees that bedtime story time is one of her favorite memories.

Goodness knows I'm not against technology.  I own several computers, an iPhone, iPad and other electronic gadgets but these interactive pj's just seem like the work of an electronic devil to me.  Kids are growing up way too fast and it seems like there is a serious disconnect between many children and their parents.  I think reading to children at an early age is one of the continuing joys of parenting.

Please read to your children and grandchildren whenever you can.