Police in Eunice continue to investigate the distribution of KKK flyers to the homes of African-Americans living in some of the city's neighborhoods this past weekend.

Deputy Chief Varden Guillory says copies of the flyers have been sent to the Louisiana State Police and the FBI for analysis.

KKK Flyer Distributed in Eunice, photo courtesy of the Eunice Police Department

The department says the distribution of the flyers is not against the law and falls into the area of freedom of speech.

Guillory says the individuals involved with the flyers were detained and questioned then released after the incident.

KKK Flyer Distributed in Eunice, photo courtesy of Eunice Police Department

Police says the flyers were placed onto vehicles in several parking lots and thrown into the driveways in several residential neighborhoods. Guillory says some of the neighborhoods where the flyers were distributed were predominantly African American neighborhoods.

Guillory says there were no arrests as the flyers did not have any threats of violence, and the persons involved made no threats towards any individuals.

No charges are going to be filed in the case.