You may not have any idea where all your tax papers are, and you will have to wait until the end of January for your W-2, but Dee Harris Stepter says Start getting the paperwork together now.

Dee Harris Stepter, the spokeswoman for the Internal Revenue Service for this region, spoke with Bernadette Lee and guest show co-host Dr. John Sutherlin this morning on "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" to talk about how you can get together your paperwork and receipts to help minimize stress now, before next year's tax deadline of April 17th, 2012.   The deadline is the 17th since the 15th falls on a Sunday

Stepter says there are many areas where people might be eligible for deductions, but it might have slipped their minds:

    • Install Energy-Efficient Home Improvements
    • Consider a Portfolio Adjustment
    • Contribute the Maximum to Retirement Accounts
    • Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution
    • Don't Overlook the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
    • Make Charitable Contributions


Stepter offers much advice during her interview: