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How many times have you asked yourself, "How does Facebook know that I am interested in this?" I know that I have asked myself this many times, so now I ask, "Is Facebook listening to my conversations or the things I'm listening to?"

Fox8Live did a report on the possibility of Facebook listening to us, and it raises many questions. The social media giant certainly has the capability to listen in on our conversations, but they say they are not.

The news station put Facebook to test and the unscientific results are frightening. They had producers discuss a topic and then retreat back to their Facebook page. Low and behold, what they were discussing appeared in their News Feed.

But how? Is Facebook using the microphone on your phone to invade your privacy? After all, if they know what you're interested in then they can sell ads to appeal to your desire(s).

Still, how ironic is it that what you were discussing shows up in an ad form on Facebook? Coincidence? Perhaps so, but not likely.

Maybe we all need to go back and read the fine print Facebook has up during the sign-up process. After all, they have made a lot of money selling ads based on our interests.