For some of even the most seasoned drivers the thought of parallel parking is enough to make them circle the block and find another parking spot. Parallel parking is an art form. For a lot of states the ability to perform that piece of art is no longer required.

The state of Maryland just removed parallel parking from it's practical driving test this past week. I am sure there were sighs of relief from young drivers across that state.

Here in Louisiana it's technically still on the test. Although I can't say I personally know any student driver in the past three or four years that has had to prove the ability to parallel park in order to obtain a license. Car manufactures have also recognized the fear and phobia of parallel parking so they have created cars that can self park. For a lot of people that bit of technology has been a saving grace.

For me parallel parking is easy, unless somebody is watching. Then it becomes a challenge. Some times I am up to the challenge and I exit my vehicle with my wheels inches from the curb and my head held high. Other times I rock the vehicle back and forth for what seems like hours trying to inch it in to a space only to discover on exit that my vehicle is sticking out in the roadway by a foot and a half.

Personally I think the ability to parallel park a vehicle is a great skill to have. I my mind it's better to know how to do it and not need it than to need it and not have a clue how to make it happen. Should it be on an official driving test in order to get a license? I would vote no. I think there are much bigger concerns ahead of parallel parking that need to be verified.