As the New Orleans Saints get ready to hit the road to take on Philadelphia this Saturday, it looks like they're bringing back a tradition that may have been the key to the teams historic 2009 season... Popeyes Fried Chicken


“Coach has got to give us Popeyes in the plane again,” wide receiver Robert Meachem said. “Everybody’s talking about that. Every road trip in ’09 we had Popeyes. Coach needs to bring back the Popeyes. Wherever we play, whoever we play, when we get on the plane – have the Popeyes ready.”

You see, the Saints were 7-1 on the road in 2009. They had a steady diet of Popeyes while on the road that year. That year, they won the Super Bowl.

“We’ve had Popeyes since ’09, but just not this year,” said running back Pierre Thomas, whose 8-yard touchdown gave New Orleans a 35-17 lead in the third quarter. “Oh, we had it so much in ’09. Popeyes has been good to us. I think we’ll have Popeyes on the plane this time.”