It is a question that has puzzled people for generations.  So many in the scientific and medical community had said the idea was bogus.  Yet, many continue to report out of body experiences and the afterlife as a reality that needs to be shared with everyone.  Lately, there has been another voice added to the crowd that says there is something more beyond where we are.  That voice is one of a man that originally called such ideas, "wishful thinking."  All of that changed when he too had an experience that he describes in a new book that he has put out.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, the man in question is Dr. Eben Alexander, a Neurosurgeon that was trained at Harvard.

My belief is strongly in an afterlife.  There is too much evidence that there is something there to deny that it exists.  Even if you have not had a personal experience, it is without a doubt that others have had such things.  What about the kid that describes heaven and an encounter with a figure he described as Jesus?  So many other stories exist of someone that goes and then returns.  If you doubt that, go to any bookstore and look for that kind of book.  There are several that have been written.

The logical mind can't make any sense of what we hear about the life beyond this world.  However, I have learned over the years that the logical is often the very thing that is shown to be wrong.  Not just because people are illogical by nature, but also because the world doesn't always fit into our description of it.

There is no easy way to describe what we have heard without going into religious conversations and matters of faith in the unseen.  But, you have to admit that having someone that was originally on the side of the skeptics coming over on this issue has to make you think that there could be something to it.  I have faith that it is true.  Dr. Alexander and others like him have more than that.  Maybe it's something we need to listen to.