I see that President Obama is getting into contract negotiations between freight railroads and their engineers.

With this I am very disappointed.  I heard the president was getting into "full campaign mode".  Seems to me if he were in "full campaign mode" he would have less time to meddle in the nation's business.

I have to hand it to the man he does campaign well.  He is all talk and no action as he has proven since taking office.  I stand corrected.  The action he has taken has been a train wreck so maybe this train thing might work out!  "Cash for Clunkers", healthcare, financial bailouts are just a few of the actions he has taken and look how well those things worked out.  Obama and his advisers don't have a clue how to make anything work because none of them have ever worked!  Only eight percent of the Obama Administration has ever worked in the private sector or owned a small business.

Obama has signed an executive order creating an emergency board designed to help resolve differences between the two sides and avert a walkout that would have a major effect on shipping across the nation.  As important as rail shipping is to the economy and national security we don't need these amateurs getting involved.

It's my opinion that the President should get on the campaign trail 24/7 to preserve the nation in hopes that the next president can clean up the mess.