Marques Colston was one of the last 20 players taken in the 2006 NFL draft. His Alma Mater, Hofstra University no longer has a football program. When he showed up for his first minicamp, driving a battered '72 Cadillac, Colston was out of shape, and had trouble with Louisiana heat & humidity.His first impression on the coaching staff wasn't a good one. When he returned for training camp, it was a different story. He earned a  starting job on a team whose receiving corps included veterans Joe Horn, and Devery Henderson, and Donte' Stallworth. He's been officially released, according to Colston leaves as the All time franchise leader in  receptions, receiving yards & touchdowns.

"It's a travesty that this guy has never made the Pro Bowl." -Deuce McCallister

"One of the greatest teammates I've ever had. ... I consider myself lucky to have had so far these 10 years with him."  - Drew Brees

The average career for an NFL player is less than 4 years. Marques Colston played for 10. Age & injury have finally caught up with him. I'm pretty sure we'll see Who Dats wearing # 12 jerseys for years to come.