This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Warren Caudle and Carol Ross joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss Karl Rove's disparaging comments regarding Hillary Clinton as well as the troubling state of J.W. Faulk Elementary School.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. At a conference last week, Karl Rove suggested several times that Clinton may have "brain damage" from a concussion she suffered in 2012.  A spokesperson says Hillary Clinton is 100 percent and accuses Rove of lying.

Carol Ross started us off:

I’d like to see the exact quote, he’s already walking it back. He’s been known to be misquoted, but even at that, even a suggestion or something that could be misunderstood is something stupid for Mr. Rove to do.
Hillary Clinton has a real problem, a problem with the truth.

Warren Caudle posited:

Karl Rove is a political consultant, and I think more and more everyday people realize political consultants are the scourge of American politics. They are the worst thing that have ever happened to American politics.
I just wish he’d go away. All he’s doing is energizing the opposition. It’s going to hurt the republican side.


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2. The state has deemed J.W. Faulk to be academically unacceptable for two consecutive years, a move that gives parents the option to move their children to another school. Last year, about 100 parents took advantage of that option. If Faulk receives AUS status for two more years, it would become eligible for a state takeover. Your thoughts?

Mike Stagg started us off:

It is a local disgrace. When you sacrifice kids to a failed system, it says something about the community and the area as a whole. Can this thing be salvaged? It absolutely can.
I’d be more than happy to meet with the administration at that school to discuss some ideas. These schools have been turned around before. It’s going to take some bold leadership and thinking outside the box.
What we’re talking about is the livelihood and futures of these kids. You can’t tell me these kids can’t learn.

Carol Ross posited:

I don’t know about the culture of the school, but I know about the culture it exists in in a larger sense.
Many people have pointed out the socioeconomic conditions that have contributed.
Schools like this have been turned around. There are methods, there are ways to do this. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here.

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